WE REALIZE THAT, as you consider a Family Friends of Scouting gift to Sagamore Council, you must first balance your family’s needs, your personal lifestyle, and your financial resources with your love for Scouting and your wish to contribute to its preeminence. Keeping this balance requires careful planning, and Sagamore Council stands ready to help you make the most informed decisions possible. With your careful consideration, we ask that you consider ensuring Scouting’s future in North Central Indiana.  A gift to the Sagamore Council’s Endowment fund will help guarantee Scouting continues to change for the better, lives of young people just as it did for you and your son. Bequests also can be restricted to a specific program or purpose.  Sagamore’s staff of planned giving professionals is available to provide suggested language.  or call 765-452-8253 or 800-844-0537.