Online Services

CampMaster Event Registration Website – CampMaster is Sagamore Council’s event reservation and management website.  Reservations can be entered and payments can be made online.  Units using Packmaster or Troopmaster can easily export their membership data to CampMaster so that names will already be in the system.  Set up your account now!  Be sure to watch the training for unit leaders (link below) also.


CampMaster Training For Unit Leaders (Slide Show) – This slide show training details the procedure to use the CampMaster system to make reservations for events, upload or enter participants, and also how to pay fees for events online through the system.


Internet Advancement – Advancement reports can be entered online directly from your home!


Internet Rechartering – All packs, troops, and crews now recharter online! – “Scouting-dot-org” is the Official Website of the Boy Scouts of America.  Here, you can find everything you could possibly want to know about the Boy Scouts of America!  This site has detailed resources for Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing, information on National programs and initiatives, and links to other official BSA websites.  The Fact Sheet section is particularly useful for anyone who wants to know anything about Scouting! – “My Scouting” is the national website for almost 20 online training courses, including Fast Start and youth protection.  It’s also the site for you to apply for the National Jamboree!


 Camp Buffalo Website – Camp Buffalo’s website is an essential website for Webelos families!  This site offers tons of information about Boy Scout Summer Camp programs, and is a great resource for any Scout or family joining us for a week of summer camping, as all crossing-over Webelos should.  Photos and introductions to all of camp’s program areas are easily accessed.  Summer Camping is the highlight of the Scouting year, and is your best resource!  


Cary Camp WebsiteCary Camp, home to Cub Scout and Webelos Resident Camp, has a young website with useful information about resources and programs at Cary.  Photographs of the McAllister Hall dining hall addition and information about Resident Camps are available on this site. 


Order of the Arrow Tachaksin Lodge – Home of our Order of the Arrow Lodge, has many resources for Arrowmen and Scouting families alike.  The Lodge newsletter and other OA communications and Lodge facts are posted, as are “Where-to-go-Camping” resources.  Information for non-members seeking to know more about Scouting’s “Brotherhood of Honor Campers” is also available. 


Boys Life Magazine – Boys’ Life, the official magazine of the Boy Scouts of
America, has a FANTASTIC website!  This site includes a bunch of fun games and a lot of information about having fun in Scouting! 


Scouting Magazine – Scouting magazine is the BSA’s resource for registered leaders.  Many relevant and interesting excerpts from the magazine are available for viewing, and article submissions and “letters to the editor” are also accepted.


National Scouting Museum and Youth and Family Research Center – The official website for the National Scouting Museum and Youth and Family Research Center, this site is a basic resource for those interested in visiting the showcase of Scouting’s history.  An introductory video is available for viewing.