Popcorn sale is quickly approaching, and Show and Sell orders are due to the Council by Monday, August 14th. Be watching for additional details regarding the upcoming sale. If your unit has not submitted a 2017 Popcorn Sale Unit Commitment Form, please do so to ensure that all communications are received regarding the sale and deadlines.

If your unit is not participating then you are doing a great injustice to your unit and Scouts. Let’s all truly make this year’s sale an extension of the Scouting program and let’s teach them how to be prepared, courage to approach an adult and make an ask, how to tailor their communication skills to turn a not sale into a yes!

The popcorn sale is a way to encourage those young men to have financial accountability for their program and earn their way!  What better opportunity to help them prepare for the future.


Important 2017 Popcorn Sale Dates:

August 14 – Unit Show and Sell Orders are Due

August 15th – Wabash Valley Popcorn Kick Off, Cary Camp

August 16th – North Star Popcorn Kick Off, Camp Buffalo

August 17th – Peshewa Popcorn Kick Off, 4H Fairgrounds in Greentown

(All Kick Offs will begin at 6:30pm for new Kernel Training and 7:30pm for sale specifics, commissions, and incentives structures)

September 12th – North Star Popcorn Distribution

September 13th – Peshewa Popcorn Distribution

September 14th – Wabash Valley Popcorn Distribution

September 15th to 17th – Super Sale Blitz Weekend (call in your weekend sales totals and there will be a drawing prize winner for the Top Seller in each district!)

October 25th – All Show & Sell product must be returned by 7pm unless you are using it to fill your units’ Take Order Sale

October 27th – Take Orders are due online by 5:00pm

November 7th – North Star Take Order Distribution

November 7th – Peshewa Take Order Distribution

November 8th – Wabash Valley Take Order Distribution

December 1st – All Popcorn Incentives, Prizes, and Money are due to the Council Office by 5:00pm


2017 Popcorn Sale Commitment Form

Incentivizing your Scouts


Scholarship Enrollment & Annual Update Form

Scholarship Pay-Out Request Form

Show Sell Show Deliver