North Star District


District Director – – 765-480-4630

Unit Retention Executive – – 765-461-1778

District Commissioner –  

District Chairman – 

District Training Chairman –

District Activities Chairman –

District Eagle Project Approver:  , or phone 219-869-4215

District Civic Service Chair –

District Marketing Chair –

District Eagle Boards (Rensselaer):  , or phone 219-866-5943

North Star District Serves Cass, Fulton, Jasper, Newton, Pulaski & White Counties

District Committee Meetings

The next North Star District Roundtable will be November 7th( 7:30 PM Eastern) at Camp Buffalo.  If you would like to be part of making a strong “Scouting” presence in our North District, contact Sherry to get engaged.  The next District Committee Meeting will be November 7th at 7:30 PM (Eastern) at Camp Buffalo.

Roundtable Schedule

November 7th
Internet Recharter and Journey to to Excellence Training
Brandon Collins and John Ingram, Troop 730

December 5th
Adult Leader Awards & Training
Scott Grandstaff, Troop 200

January 2nd
District Nominations
District Dinner

February 6th
Boy Scouts – Philmont
Bruce Murray, Troop 221
Cub Scouts – Blue & Gold
Jennifer Vandenburg, Pack 3200

March 6th 
Boy Scouts – Summer Camp and Patrol Method
Cub Scouts – Cub Camping and Pinewood Derby

April 3rd
Boy Scouts – OA
Steve Bowman, OA Advisor
Cub Scouts – Crossover/Awards Ceremony
Eric Becker, Pack 3154

May 1st 
Boy Scouts – Recruitment
Cub Scouts – Recruitment
Felicia Fry, Pack 3157

August 7th – Service
All – Service
John Dayberry, Troop 203


Check out the University of Scouting! 

Our District Training Chair, , has reached out to some of you requesting that your leaders complete some necessary trainings in order to get your unit fully trained.  Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader!

Be sure to check out the Training Page of the Council website for additional training information!

Webelos Midway

Each Webelos will have the opportunity to complete two adventures, one in the morning and one in the afternoon session. Not only do they get to earn those achievements but it’s a great time to work with them on Patrol Method and getting ready for their upcoming Boy Scout program.Check out our flyer! 

Register on Campmaster! 

Popcorn Sale

The popcorn sale is winding down so don’t forget to return any product you checked out for show and sell that your unit can’t use to fill any take order sales.
If you haven’t submitted your Scouts “filled up” take order forms, there is still time. Email those sheets to  to be included in the next weeks drawing.
I hope all of your units have met your sales goals and are ready to beef up your Scouting year with those extra funds to help your Scouts/families with registration fee’s, activity fee’s and any extra’s your unit want to add to your program. That’s the way to get your families buy in because they see the value going back to their own Scout and unit program. If your unit does not provide a Scout account, I highly recommend your committee’s have that conversation.
Popcorn and prize orders will be due Friday, October 27th so be prepared by collecting those take order forms and with prize selections noted.


Recruitment Fast Approaching

August is back to school time, and in order to get prepared for our state wide recruitment on Thursday, August 24th we will be having a membership recruitment meeting. Please make sure you come to the North Star Roundtable Meeting on Tuesday, August 8th, at 7pm (Eastern) at Camp Buffalo! We will be handing out unit packets and Scout Onboarding Packets at this meeting. Also, make sure your unit has its list of calendar dates for the new families ready!

Service Hours

Have you all been submitting your unit’s service hours? If not, contact , our District Civic Service Chair and we’ll ensure those hours get inputted so that they help your Journey to Excellence scorecard.


Council Support Incentive 2016-2018 Information

Does your unit attend camp, hold an ICC (formerly FOS) unit presentation and participate in the popcorn sale? If so, check out our Council Support Incentive Program. See if you qualify for 2016 and get on track to earn the 2017 and 2018 incentives. It will truly benefit your unit financially. I would love to see your unit earn the free camping opportunities at either Camp, rank advancements, and your unit’s insurance fee at recharter time!


2016-18 Council Support Incentive Info


Council Support Incentive Verification Form 2016


Council Support Incentive Verification Form 2017


Council Support Incentive Verification Form 2018


I’m trying to put a list together of the dates/times and locations that all of you meet so that I (Sherry), TJ, and Jacob can come visit with your unit and provide support to you. Please email the information below:

Unit type, Unit Number, Best Point of Contact Name & Phone Number

What schools you recruit from and whether you participate in spring recruitment


Congratulations to New Eagle Scouts

Phillip Bein Troop 167
Isaac Ahler, Troop 152
Wesley Grandstaff, Troop 200
Austin Felty, Troop 229

This is a great accomplishment and will lead to even greater accomplishments.  We are all proud of you!

*          *          *          *          *          *

North Star District would like to thank the following current merit badge sponsorship partners:

Logansport:  Cole Hardwood, Logansport Rotary Club, Mike Anderson Car Dealerships

Rensselaer:  Rensselaer Rotary Club and Hillcrest Dental

Monticello:  Declaration Dental and Sthil Brew.